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Hello, I am Kishore Gutpa, Private Tour Guide Agra licensed by the Government of India , It is my privilege to share with you what I’ve come to love and respect for more than 14 years. I start my tour guide career in 2005.

In my guiding career, I have permission to work as a tour guide/interpreter with foreign guests in India, from the Ministry of Tourism & culture, Govt. of India. I have had the pleasure to guide groups to all attractive parts and destinations whole country showing our way of life and culture and let them get involve with them by themselves.

I have the qualifications to make you love Agra as it is meant to be experienced. I am resident of rich historical city Agra, my blood runs thick with history, culture and tradition.

Experience the beauty and the wonders of world the Taj Mahal with me!

I love to guide combining a mixture of entertainment, making history come alive, interesting facts about the present society, fun anecdotes about everyday life and love of my home city! To me, it is very important that my guests have a great time and at the same time get to learn about India and the Indian life style.

I believe that you will enjoy the traveling with me and also you will get the great value in your lifetime when you are here in India even if for a while.

I prefer to prepare individual itinerary for my guests instead of package tours, some times guests ask for packages too. I usually ask people about their interests, ideas and even dreams. So share your questions, ideas, concerns etc with me and I’ll try to make your trip amazing and memorable!

Families and seniors are welcome to be my guests.

Agra was first conquered by the Muslim ruler Mahmood Ghaznavi. He invaded, plundered and devastated this city. Later in 1505 AD, Sikandar Lodi declared Agra city as his capital. After the lapse of some years, again the city flourished under the reign of – 5th Mughal emperor Shah Jehan. He succeeded throne in 1628 AD and Agra became the centre of attraction in trade and business.

Meeting place of saints, sages and scholars from all Asia was very common that time. It became the load- star for artistic workmanship, literary talent and spiritual worth. Agra was developed as a riverfront garden city during his time period and in 1556, it was declared as the capital of Mughal empire for hundreds of years. We can have a look at the remains of those periods, which are testimony to the grand historical background of history.

Agra is the only city in India, which homes world heritage sites; Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. So don’t miss the chance to book Agra tour with Freelance tour guide Agra, Agra tour guide.

Agra tour guide services/sample Itinerary offered by private tour guide Agra:
Let me know about your dates/days of vacations and the places/cities of your interest so that I can make an itinerary accordingly as soon as possible or you may choose any itinerary on this page below which are already created:

Transportation in Agra:
Yes, transportation can be arranged as per demands with Freelance tour guide Agra, Agra tour guide, an additional cost wil be charged if it is not included in the tours offered. Transportation in Agra is fairly easy to avail. Roads and local rails are the best way to move from one point in Agra to another. For transportation within Agra, you can hire a cab or taxi for a fixed period of time from the hiring agencies.

This is the best way of transportation in Agra as you can take all the time you need to appreciate the various attractions. Other ways of transportation in Agra include taking the local bus.Local Transport in Agra is quite easily accessible. There are many different modes of transportation within Agra like Car, Train, Bus & Taxi. Check out local/public transport of Agra.

Cycle Rickshaws with Freelance tour guide Agra, Agra tour guide – Available all around Agra, these are a good way to get around the tightly packed streets of the city.
Walking with Freelance tour guide Agra, Agra tour guide – This is probably one of the best ways of getting around the city. Take a walk down Agra’s popular bazaar, Which is famous for its handicrafts, leather and marble souvenir shops.

Taxi with Freelance tour guide Agra, Agra tour guide – You can hire an air-conditioned taxi for the day that will take you to all the important tourist attractions in Agra. If you wish to go to Fatehpur Sikri, you may be charged a bit extra since it is slightly away from Agra city.

Private tour guide Agra & Taj Mahal Tourist guide Interests:
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I would be pleased to provide local guiding services on the art, culture, history and traditions of India, along with the best sightseeing tips, whether you have already planned your trip to India, or not. In this case, I would also be pleased to help you in planning your itinerary, based upon your interests and the intended duration of your stay. I can tell you about my favorite restaurants, exhibitions and theater productions and what life is really like living and working in the world’s greatest city.

I look forward to showing you my home city, state and country so just give me a call!

Many thanks and best wishes to you…

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